Tracking Income and Expenses by Sales Rep in…

Tracking @QuickBooksCA Income, Expenses by Sales Rep-Could a #charity adapt this approach?

Tracking Income and Expenses by Sales Rep in…

Can you track income AND expenses by sales rep in QuickBooks? The question is not often worded quite this way. What people usually ask me is if there is a way to get a report that shows the gross sales for the sales rep, and then deducts certain expenses so that sales commissions can be calculated based on net sales. Of course what this really means is we need to be able to track expenses by sales rep, so that those expenses can be reported by sales rep along with the sales by sales rep. In other words, this amounts to tracking income and expenses by sales rep in QuickBooks. If we can do that then we can get a report on it. That part is easy. Tracking sales by sales rep is easy. When you post an invoice you can assign a sales rep to that…Read More


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