Energized Accounting Systems

EnergizedAccounting is about getting the most out of your accounting system. We have seen people struggle to get meaningful reporting from older, inflexible accounting systems, particularly when they had accounting structures created when the company was much smaller.  We have seen newer systems that didn’t take advantage of time saving or report writing features. A good accounting system needs to:

Future Accountants

  • Produce understandable reports
    • Quickly and reliably
    • With no manual intervention, and
    • That lead to good decision making
  • Handle daily transactions
    • Quickly
    • Automated as much as possible, and
    • As accurately as possible

An Energized system includes people, processes and software, so we focus on more than the technology.  We help you determine your needs, organize the department, and create practical procedures and checklists.  We also work with you to design the reporting you need, then work backwards to build an accounting structure that takes into account

  • Management reports
  • Government requirements
  • Grant / Banking covenants
  • Sales / Fundraising needs, and
  • Other stakeholder needs

When we can, we build operational statistics into the reporting, e.g. number of units, donations, services provided, people attending, etc. as well as the dollar amounts, to help people understand the results and plan for the future.